Flour Tortilla Line

Continuous Chopper

Factory Floor Layouts

Dough Chunker

Divider Rounder - Extruder

Dough Ball Proofer

Press Loader

In-Store Flour Tortilla System

Odyssey-II Ovens

TP1824 Flour Tortilla Press

TP-3232 Flour Tortilla Press

TP-4242 Flour Tortilla Press

Genesis Quad Press TP52


Odyssey Ovens

Cooling Conveyor

Hand Stretch System

Die Cut System

Recent News
2019 Tortilla and Flatbread Trade Show Schedule
Thu, 27th Dec 2018
Casa Herrera is pleased to announce their schedule for the upcoming 2019 Tortilla, Flatbread, and Snack Food manufacturing trade shows. Please check below for updated booth information!   ..
Used Equipment
Casa Herrera carries a range of used equipment. You can visit our catalog of used products on-line here..