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High Speed Divider Rounder, Extrusion System

High Speed Divider Rounder

The Casa Herrera Divider and Dough Chunker work together to provide the least amount of pressure on the dough as possible.  By creating a pressure drop at each transition point, work on the dough will be reduced, allowing for shorter proof times.

The divider comes with Automation Direct Control.  The divider can be ordered in several different control platforms. It is also available with Allen Bradley, Siemens, Telemecanique, controls (optional).  It can be set up to run locally or on an ethernet port connection to the main PLC control.

  • Requires no oil or dusting flour - The extrusion type divider requires no oil on the dough in order to round the dough balls.  It also removes the need for dusting flour and facilitates the dough release from contact parts
  • Minimum dough stress - The divider is designed to create minimum dough stress via continuous pressure drops through the divider.  There is no dough temperature rise, which validates the no stress issue
  • Low maintenance - The divider has few moving parts.  It has a proven Waukesha positive pump that provides precise dough piece weights.  The divider has a simple auger drive to move dough to the suction side of the positive pump.  The wire cut off is also a proven simple low maintenance item



  • Scaling is found to be within 1% on a normal basis on a 9 port head.  Scaling variance of 1 gram is possible based on the consistency of the dough

Divider Output

  • Port rows 5 - 9
  • Weight range 28 - 170 grams
  • Strokes per minute 20 - 110
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