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Odyssey-II Corn/Flour/Chip Ovens

Odyssey II Oven

Casa Herrera Odyssey II Series Ovens are available in 90", 120", and 150" long for two or four rows of corn, chip, or flour products. These ovens represent the latest technology in combustion regulation and fuel efficiency. They can be customized in a variety of sizes for standard factory or InStore or Super Market production.

  • Proportional Mix Air/Gas combustion system at 9:1 ratio.
  • Fuel efficient longitudinal burners.
  • Individual burner flame adjustment, side mounted.
  • Minimal BTU requirement for Auto Pilot Ignition System.
  • Baking surface available with slats or wire mesh belting.
  • Air transfer slides available from deck to deck.
  • Double wall insulated hinged doors.
  • Combustion blower available internal or external.
  • Exhaust management system available.
  • All stainless or carbon steel construction frame, burners and piping.
  • UL, ETL compliant. Optional NSF, CE compliance.

Corn Products: 3,000 to 24,000 Pzas/H.

Flour Products: 1,080 to 20,000 Pzas/H.

Fried Products: 300 to 1,500 Lbs/H.

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