Questions About our Manufacturing
What grade of Stainless Steel is used in production of your systems?

Typically we use grade 303 and 304 type stainless steel on all surfaces that come in contact with food products.  Certain parts and product lines are also available in carbon. Specialty stainless steel can be used for specific applications.

Does Casa Herrera manufacture and sell Counter Stackers and Bagging Systems?

Casa Herrera does not manufacture Counter Stackers or Bagging Systems.  We have manufacturing partners that can provide you with Counter Stackers and Bagging Systems that are built to our exacting standards and integrate seamlessly with any of our systems.  Please call us at 800.624.3916 for more information on all Casa Herrera Corn Tortilla, Flour Tortilla, Tortilla Chip, flat bread, bakery and specialty product lines.

Do you work with customers on R&D for custom products?

Casa Herrera is always willing to work with clients and prospects to try and customize our machinery to acommodate products and development.  Our research and development team will test machinery from raw materials to the finished product to ensure product uniformity.

Please contact us for more information on custom tortilla manufacturing machinery.  Casa Herrera is committed to excellent Customer Service.

Do you make custom die cutters for sheeters?

Casa Herrera's engineering team can make custom and specialty food item die cutters for almost any occassion. We can make virtually any shape that acommodates the die roller.  Including offset, bridge, and Casa Herrera is committed to maximizing production.

Some of our items include:

  • State of Texas
  • State of California
  • Cowboys
  • Company Logos
  • Horses heads
  • Jalapenos
  • Playing card symbols (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds)
  • People
  • Leprauchans
  • Animals (tigers, lions, elephants)
  • Cookies in custom shapes

Call us to try out your specialty food item die cut shape. 

Corn Tortillas Manufacturer
How are corn tortillas made?

There are 2 basic ways to manufacture corn tortillas, cooked corn and mixed corn. With all the variations available to mix, cook, transfer, bake, cool and package corn tortillas contact the expert sales department at Casa Herrera to customize your corn tortilla manufacturing process for your requirements.


Flour Tortilla Manufacturer
How are flour tortillas made?

There are 3 basic ways to manufacture flour tortillas, Pressed Tortillas, Hand Stretch Tortillas and Die-cut Tortillas.  Some of these manufacturing processes are fully automated.  Flour tortilla output is affected by the manufacturing method.


Fried Products Manufacturer
What kind of custom or novelty chip shapes can be made with chip cutters?

Casa Herrera has a state-of-the-art CNC department for custom chip shape design and manufacturing.  The limiting factor is the width of the band on your sheet roller.

What cleaning products should we use on our tortilla and flat bread machinery?

We recommend you use a mild soap solution to wipe down equipment and rinse with warm water for most all of the equipment and a caustic soda solution for boiling out fryers. Do not pressure wash equipment.

How often should we change hydraulic fluid on the presses?

We recommend you change your filter every 450 hours or 6 months and the fluid at least once a year.


What kind of lubricant should we use on our machinery?

Most of Casa Herrera's equipment is now NSF certified.  Use only food-grade or high-temperature lubricants.  Use teflon coatings for oven belts,food grade lubricants for chains and bearings, and food-grade hydrolic oil. 

Lubricants can be purchased through Casa Herrera Customer Service or food-grade lubricant companies.


Parts and Service
What brand of flame safety do you use?

Casa Herrera flame safety parts are supplied by either Fireye or Honeywell, depending upon the application.


What can I do about obsolete tortilla chip and flat bread manufacturing parts?

In most cases, Casa Herrera has crossover parts or has another solution. 

What's the difference between the old Raytek IR sensors and the new Raytek IR sensors?

The new TX series of Raytek sensors does not have external programming boards or the need for special cables. The TX has proven to be far more reliable than the older series Raytek IR sensors.

The TX is stocked, pre-programmed with a standard program used on all Casa Herrera ovens. This minimizes customer down time. The TX can also be custom program to suit your baking requirements.

Retrofit kits are available to upgrade older ovens.



General Interest
Do you make equipment for other products than tortilla?

Yes. Our equipment is being used for production of arepa, chapati, lavash, roti, piada, piadina, potato flake chips, gordita, flat bread, quesadilla, pellet, tostada, taco shell, soft taco, burrito, chimichanga, tamale, and various fried & dried snacks.

Is Casa Herrera's tortilla and flat bread manufacturing equipment certified?

Yes, in most cases. Casa Herrera began its Compliance Program in the mid 90s and to this date has multiple listings with multiple agencies to better serve our customers. Casa Herrera labels its equipment for each type of certification and in many cases multiple certifications. If no label can be found, contact Casa Herrera with the model and serial number of your equipment to check compliance and certification.


How can we fix too much weight variation of my Corn Tortilla packages?

We all know how important package weights are.  Torilleros must meet specific weight limit guidelines - both under and over - weights or be legally liable.

To keep your weights accurate, you must check a number of variables:

  1. Equipment:  Check the bearings.  If they are worn, this may cause light or heavy weights.  Weigh every other tortilla.  Check oven temperature and make sure it is not over-baking which can result in low moisture and lower weights.
  2. Raw Materials:  Use good corn or flour.  Other operations such as steeping, washing and grinding corn must be standardized to maintain dough consistency and viscosity.
  3. Operator Error:  Yes, this sometimes happens. Set tight weight ranges close to the minimum weight requirements and monitor them closely.

Casa Herrera stands behind all their products.  Contact us if you need one of our professional consultants for any on-site checks and repairs.

Why does my product stick to the belt?

Product sticking can be caused by numerous problems; poor draft, climate change, product moisture change, dirty air filter on the combustion blower are all causes to this problem.


Why does my oven backfire?

This may be caused by a leak in the combustion system. Check for holes in manifolds, plumbing and burners. Also check ribbon burners for collapsed ribbon.


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