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Press Automatic Loader System (PALS)

Press Automatic Loader

Casa Herrera's Press Automatic Loader System (PALS) is the newest sophisticated system for proofing, pressing, and loading.  It's labor- and cost- saving design produces flour tortillas and other flat breads with better, more uniform quality.

Whether you need a single piece of proven durable quality equipment or a complete production system for your tortilla and tortilla chip lines, call Casa Herrera for a custom quote.

  • Dough balls are automatically placed in predesignated spots
  • Gentle pre-pressing prevents movement of dough balls, enabling faster operation
  • Constructed of non-corrosive stainless steel and ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic
  • Tubes have internal teflon coating
  • Angle of tube and 1 piston per tube ensures precise dough ball placement
  • Advanced feature:  Retractable frame design allows clearance of the dough balls to travel in main frame
  • All cylinders are pneumatically operated and utilize a pneumatic manifold
  • Pneumatic system interfaces with main control panel
  • Constructed on a tubular frame, which can be easily removed and stored in a special protective rack

PAL Systems are available in multi-configuration patterns from 4-drop to 36-drop depending upon desired tortilla size, and size of flour tortilla press.

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