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CH-51 Automated Inspection Systems


Casa Herrera's CH-51 Automated Inspection System was developed in association with Sharpvision Group USA to provide the best in automated inspection systems for the tortilla, tortilla chip, roti, chipati, and other flat bread food industries.

The easy-to-use software interface eliminates the need for complex programming and allows the operator to change parameters on the spot.  The CH-51 includes a two-piece conveyor, air knock-off system, cameras, controller, and optional displays as well as:

  • 2 camera inputs for simultaneous capture in both channels
  • Windows CE Operating System
  • Full color Touch Screen interface
  • On-screen menu programming
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) connectivity
  • 2 USB 1.1 high-speed ports
  • 2 RS-2332 serial ports
  • 'No Good' image storage holds 16 full-frame images 

Casa Herrera is the Authorized Sharpvision Group, USA Certified Integrator.

  • Automated inspection solutions for the food industry
  • Detects product toast points, overlaps, misshape, size pin holes, color, content, and orientation
  • Easy-to-use Touch Screen interface and operating software
  • Software can be used for management and analysis of inspection results
  • Provides reporting capabilities for better through-put
  • Stainless steel construction, frame, and housing
  • Dark plastic belting
  • Accommodates two to seven rows of corn tortillas, flour tortillas or pizzas
  • One digital camera per lane captures the image of teh incoming product and sends a signal to reject any product out of customer specifications

CCD Camera

Size: 1/3 format CCD
Scan: Progressive scan captures moving objects
Readout: Full frame or partial
Effective Pixels: Square (1:1) 8um x 8um
Shutter Speeds: 1/30, 1/40 up to 1/10,000 in 1/10,0000ths increments
Cables: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 10 meter detachable cables
Lens: C-Mount 3.8mm to 100mm focal lengths available

Image Processing Controller

Processing: 256 gray scale and binary conversion, edge detection
Pre-Processing: Edge enhancement (horizontal/vertical/all) sharpening and filtering
Noise Reduction: Small area filter morphology (dilate/erode/9 step)
Region of Interest: Circle, ellipse, rectangle
Memory: 16 mb of data
Level Light Meter: Alarm & threshold adjustment
Thresholding: Fixed and auto-thresholding
Measurement: Techniques pattern matching (normalized for correalation), edge calipers and blob analysis


Programmable Logic Controller

Input Relays: Parallel (16pts)
Output Relays: Parallel (16pts)
Special Output: Ready (1pt)
Auxiliary Relays: 1024 internal registers
Timers: 16, initial value and 0.01 to 9.99 (Down Timer)
Counters: 16, Initial value and 000 to 999 (Down Counter)

  • High Speed Inspections:  15,000 units per minute
  • Handles Quality inspections in unlimited lanes for all our manufacturing products

Measurement Algorithms

  • Sub-pixel measurement accuracy
  • 360 degree part rotation correction
  • High speed pattern matching
  • Up to 15,000 inspections per minute

Position/Deviation: Absolute Position and Deviation from a traned reference using Gray pattern Match and Edge Detection
Degree of Match: Normalized correlation pattern matching
Point of Measurement: Presence/Absence determined by Binary
Lead Inspection: Pitch, number and lengths of leads
Binary Area: Counts the number of pixels for a binary image
Binary Count: Counts the number of objects (up to 3,000 in the window) and total area
Binary Object Features: Area, centroid, orientation, shape, diameter, circumference
Measurement Programs: 64 programs each with 4 measurement algorithms per sensor


External Interface

Parallel & Serial: parallel 16 inpusts, 16 outputs, 1 special (ready line)
Serial: 2 Ports RS-232/RS-422
USB: 2 Ports (versus 1.1)
Ethernet: 10/100 Base-Tx
Video Out: 1 Analog SVGA and 1 Digital SVGA monitor output
No. of Cameras: 2 progressive scan cameras
Trigger: External/Parallel, Serial, Keypad Internal/CCD trigger

General Specifications

Power Supply: 24 DC volts (+/- 10%)
Power Consumption:

IV-S51M - 10 Watts without display to IV-S51M - 24 Watts without display

Operating Humidity and Temperature: 35-85% RH, 0-5 degrees Celsius (32- 113 degrees Farenhiet)
Dimmension & Weight:


175w x 125h x 81d mm

1.5kg (67 (oz.)


242w x 200h x 42d mm

1.0 kg (45 oz.)

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