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Odyssey Oven

Since 1950 Casa Herrera has delivered quality equipment to the snack food and tortilla industries.  Our products are continually updated and improved to provide the most energy efficient ovens, fryers and sheeters as well as industrial baking systems for your wheat and corn tortilla production, chapati bread and tortilla chips or start up systems for full-scale mass production.

Odyssey Ovens range in size, production capacity and throughput from restaurant to full-scale industrial manufacturing of tortillas, chips, chapati, and specialty baking items.

The Odyssey Ovens can be custom configured with Presheeters, A-Frame or Countertop Sheeter Head featuers as well as Incline or Flat Bed Conveyors.

Don't see what you want?  Contact us for more information and to customize the Odyssey Line to your exact specifications.



Odyssey Oven 

  • Can be configured with Pre-Sheeter features
  • Optional Odyssey 305 A-Frame Sheeter Head or Countertop Sheeter Head
  • Longitudinal burner design for maximum fuel efficiency (patented)
  • Individual burner adjustment
  • Side-mounted combustion design for easy access to combustion controls
  • Vertical & horizontal pilot ignition system (minimum BTUs required)
  • Mesh Infeed with tilting feature for easy wire change-out and motorized speed control
  • Large diameter Oven drums for minimum belt tension
  • Belt support system designed for minimum belt wear and flame utilization
  • Air transfer slide on top transfer belt
  • Pull-out slide 2nd and 3rd belt (patented)
  • Dual insulated hinge doors and hood
  • External mounted combustion blower with housing
  • Exhaust management system


  • Carbon steel or stainless steel frame
  • 8.5 in. belt drive drums increases belt life
  • Proportional combustion system
  • 3 ft. of vertical independent deck ignition
  • CArbon steel or stainless steel burners
  • Combustion components side mounted for easy access and adjustments
  • Optional IBTC (Independent Belt Temperature Control)
  • Independent burner flame adjust
  • Mesh belt on swivel with independent motor control
  • Exclusive ACOTECH alloy infrared burners
  • Stainless steel clean out pans
  • Optional shaft rotating motion detectors fro CB5 belt
  • Patented pull-out slide
  • Double wall insulated hood lift.  Hood lift optional
  • Double 60 roller chains, 17,820 lb. tensile strength.   2-7/16 in. and 3-7/16 in. shaft size.  Other sizes available upon request
  • Available in multiple widths and legnths
  • Single or mulit motor belt drives
  • Optional electrical panel swivel type
  • UL/ETL compliant 
  • Odyssey Oven

    Casa Herrera Odyssey Series Corn Oven is available in 90 in., 120 in., and 150 in. lengths with 2 or 4 row sheeter heads.  The Odyssey Ovens represent the latest technology in combustion, retulation and fuel efficiency.  Casa Herrera, Inc. can customize these ovens in a variety of sizes for standard Tortilla factory operations or be designed for In-Store or Supermarket requirements.

    • Proportional mix gas system
    • Fuel efficient lognitudinal burners (patented) with a fuel savings of 15% to 30% over other ovens
    • Individual burner flame adjustment
    • BTU rating will vary with oven length and width
    • Side mounted Flame Adjustment with easy access
    • Minimal BTUs required for Pilot Ignition System
    • Air Transfer slides available
    • Pull out slide 2nd tier for easy cleaning (patented)
    • Baking surface available with slates or wire belting
    • Insulated double wall hood and doors
    • Easy access hinge doors
    • Internal or external comustion blower (optional)
    • Exhaust management (optional)
    • Stainless steel frame and burners (optional)
    • Oven complies with UL/ETL standards
    • Available to comply with NSF
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    Download to your hard drive   Odyssey with Magna 254 Sheeter
    Download to your hard drive   Odyssey with Magna 305 Sheeter
    Download to your hard drive   DCO Corn Tortilla Oven
    Download to your hard drive   Odyssey II Corn Tortilla Oven
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