Contact Information

Mailing Address Address 2655 North Pine St
Pomona, CA 91767
Phone Phone 1 800 624-3916
Phone International [1] (909) 392-3930
Facsimile Fax 1 (909) 392-0231
website address Website Address
email Emails for inquires and support


Mark Herrera, President
Michael Herrera, Vice President

Equipment Sales

Mark Herrera - Sales Manager
Alfredo Juarez
Arthur Herrera
Christopher Herrera
Khrystyna Tu
Richard Casillas
Michael Tamayo


Alicia Jimenez
Alexander Arellano

Tech Services

Raul Valdes, Manager
Frank J. Herrera


Eli Goffman

Human Resources

Olga Algin


Recent News
2020 Tortilla and Snack Expo Trade Show Info
Thu, 9th Jan 2020
The 2020 Tortilla and Flat Bread Manufacturing and Snack Expo schedules are available now. Casa Herrera is pleased to announce their 2020 Tortilla, Flatbread, and Snack Food manufacturing trade show booth information. Please check below for updated booth information! &n  ..
Used Equipment
Casa Herrera carries a range of used equipment. You can visit our catalog of used products on-line here..