Tortilla Chip Line

Continuous Chopper

Factory Floor Layouts

Steam Corn Cook System

Masa Mixer/Blender

Corn Feeder and Grinder


Magna 254 Sheeter

Magna 305 Sheeter

Odyssey Oven Masa System

Tortilla Chip Equilibrator

Tortilla Chip Fryer

Heat Exchanger

Odyssey Ovens

Mach-IV and Mach-VI Ovens

Cool Down Conveyor

Seasoner Tumbler Drum

Recent News
2015 Tortilla and Flatbread Trade Shows
Thu, 6th Nov 2014
The schedule for the 2015 Tortilla, Flatbread, and Snack Food manufacturing trade shows has been released.  Casa Herrera will be bringing a selection of the state-of-the-art tortilla, flatbread, snack food, and baking machinery to these events.  Additional trade show information will be  ..
Used Equipment
Casa Herrera carries a range of used equipment. You can visit our catalog of used products on-line here..