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Overhead Dough Ball Proofing System

The Casa Herrera proofer allows flour tortilla dough balls to 'rest' temporarily and still retain correct moisture and temperature prior to being pressed. This results in proper, consistent, virtually waste-free tortilla shape.

The Dough Ball Proofing System can be customized for operation with single, double, or triple presses.  It is available in various lengths and heights to meet customer specifications.

  • Totally enclosed system.  Choice of stainless steel doors or combination of stainless/plexiglass doors for convenient viewing
  • USDA approved mesh nesting screen on cup design
  • Easily removable snap-in cups for cleaning or replacement
  • Cup cleaning blow-out system tips baskets enabling blower to remove possible contaminants
  • Choice of single drop interface or timing gate 'trap door' interface.  Split feed system for single and double drop
  • Unique 2-speed gearbox allows operation with one or two presses
  • Diagonal crossbar pre-loosens dough balls prior to drop onto press belt
  • Discharge is equipped with tray dump mechanism
  • Includes humidifier and multi-zone system (optional)
  • Anti-whip chain guides to ensure smoother operation and reduce loss of dough balls
  • Proofer unit can be configured in a straight line or right angle design for multiple press operation
  • Dwell time from 5 to 20 minutes to meet customer requirements.

Available in 6, 8, and 9 pockets


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