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Tortilla Chip Equilibrator Conveyor

TC Equilibrator

The Casa Herrera TCEC tortilla chip equilibrator is a fully automatic 3 or 5 tier conveyor, which assures even moisture distribution for a perfect frying and even oil absorption.

It allows balance of moisture content within the product before transferring to the Casa Herrera fryer.

This unit can be custom engineered to meet individual customer specifications including sinlge tier, multiple tier, in various lengths and widths.

  • Rigid stainless steel tubular frame.
  • Designed for different types of belting, flat flex, balance weave, omni grid, chain or gear driven.
  • Belt support rails design to ensure longer belt life.
  • Heavy duty bearings and shafts.
  • Self tensioning slide plates on bearing runners.
  • Adjustable product transfer guide plates from between tiers and stainless steel chute to accommodate product discharge to fryer.
  • Safety interlock switches on main doors.
  • Optional types of drives, single, or multiple. With or without bad product return.

Production Capacity:

Accommodates to 500 to 3,500 Lbs/H chip lines.

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