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Masa Mixer - Special Purpose Mixer / Blender

Masa Mixer 600

Our heavy-duty all-stainless Mixer is the industry's most reliable.  It enhances the quality production of batch after batch of corn dough and masa and plays a vital role in efficient manufacturing of corn chips, tortilla chips, tamales, corn tortillas and more.

Casa Herrera's Special Purpose Mixers / Blenders are manufactured for 400, 600, and 800 lb. masa capacities to suit your corn tortilla and chip manufacturing needs.  All mixers / blenders are constructed to our exacting standards.


  • Stainless steel chassis, bowl and agitator
  • Electrical control panel, NEMA approved
  • Bowl tilting operates at either 110 degrees for manual operation or 135 degrees for transferring masa to Masasizer
  • Sigma-type agitator with auger speed of 29 final rpm
  • Convenient water inles with 3/4 inch half coupling
  • Safe two-handed operation during product dumping to prevent operator injury
  • Operates in conjunction with Casa Herrera masa pumping system
  • Optional:  Volumetric water tank and programmable digital water feed system
  • Built to UL, ETL and NSF Standards as required


400 lb. Capacity Mixer / Blender

  • 4 sacks / 200 lbs. of corn flour plus 200 lbs. water
  • 7 1/2 hp gear motor drive
  • Reversible gear motor enables mechanical tilting of bowl
  • Bowl capacity:  16.52 cubic feet
  • Dimensions:  78 in. L x 30 in. W x 66 in. H

600 lb. Capacity Mixer / Blender 

  • 6 sacks / 300 lbs. of corn flour plus 300 lbs. water
  • 15 hp gear motor drive
  • 0.5 hp reversible gear motor enables mechanical tilting of bowl
  • Bowl capacity:  23.6 cubic feet
  • Convenient 6 in. flour opening on top
  • Dimensions:  83 in. L x 36 in. W x 83.5 in. H (add 36 in. to the width for the controller swivel radius)

800 lb. Capacity Mixer / Blender 

  • 8 sacks / 400 lbs. of corn flour plus 400 lbs. water
  • 15 hp gear motor drive
  • 0.5 hp reversible gear motor enables mechanical tilting of bowl
  • Bowl capacity:  Approximately 30.68 cubic feet
  • Convenient flour opening on top



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