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Mach-IV and Mach-VI Corn Ovens


Since 1950 Casa Herrera has delivered quality equipment to the snack food and tortilla industries.  Our products are continually updated and improved to provide the most energy efficient ovens, fryers and sheeters as well as industrial baking systems for your wheat and corn tortilla production, chapati bread and tortilla chips or start up systems for full-scale mass production.

Mach-IV and Mach-VI Ovens range in size, production capacity and throughput for full-scale industrial manufacturing of corn tortillas and tortilla chips.

The Mach-IV and Mach-VI Ovens can be custom configured with Magna254 or Magna305 sheeters fed with masa pump or presheeters, and transfer to Incline or Flat Bed Conveyors.

  • Proportional mix Air/Gas combustion system with an efficient 9:1 ratio.
  • Automatic triple temperature control, one per deck. (Optional: Three Infra Red temperature sensors per deck for LCR control).
  • Belt tracking tension by way of balancing counter weights.
  • Belt tracking by way of self adjusting roller guides. (Optional: Automatic Camera Belt Tracking System)
  • Double wall insulated hinged doors provide energy savings and minimize heat dissipation into work areas.
  • Double wall insulated motorized hood. Lift system for inspection and cleaning.
  • Heavy duty commercial carbon steel or stainless steel frame.
  • Easy access to combustion controls.
  • Ultra-violet flame sensors, magnetic valves, auto pilot ignition.
  • Ehaust Management System.
  • External combustion blower.

Production Capacity:

Corn Tortillas: Up to 4,000 Dozens per hour.
Tortilla Chips: Up to 2,500 Pounds per hour.

Corn Tortillas: Up to 7,000 Dozens per hour.
Tortilla Chips: Up to 5,000 Pounds per hour (10,000 Lb/H with dual system).

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