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Tostada and Tortilla Chip Impingement Dryer

Impingement Dryer

With the increasing demand for healthy oil free and low oil products in the Food Industry, Casa Herrera developed and manufactures the Multi-Zone Hot Air impingement Dryer, used to lower the moisture content in tostada shells and tortilla chips. Hot air is injected to top and bottom product surfaces, adjustable to get the preferred finish product.
Fully automated PLC controls utilizing the best electronics in the industry from Automation Direct.
After drying, the product can be flash fried for low oil cabsorption, or packed oil free with a great bite consistency.

All Stainles steel construction.
4" thick mineral wool panels and doors insulation.
Independent temperature control per heat zone.
Heavy duty support frame.
Single bed with BWV belting.
Stainless steel air distribution ducting and air nozzles.

PRODUCTION CAPACITY (depending on product parametrs):

Up to 3,000 Lbs/H Tortilla chips.
Up to 5,000 Dz/H Tostada Shells.

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