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TP-3232 Programmable Flour Tortilla Press

The TP-3232 Programmable Flour Tortilla Press can be designed and produced to meet your production capacity today and into the future.

This is the most effective, up-to-date, high speed flour press to process medium to large quantities of tortillas, pita bread, chapatis, pizza, and other products.

It's engineered to assure years of dependable service and contains the most efficient production features in the industry.

Press Features

  • 32 in. x 32 in. steel platens with 12 heaters per platen
  • 10 HP hydraulic power unit
  • Steel frame with stainless steel covers
  • Independent temperature controls for both top and bottom platens
  • 3 in. teflon belt front drive roller for positive high speed transfer
  • Air Bar for transfer from the teflon belt to discharge conveyor or maximizer
  • Teflon belt indexing controlled using a fiber optic sensor
  • Automatic teflon belt tracking system
  • Continuous kidney loop filtration system
  • Universal belt design. Can take any manufacturer
  • Self-diagnostic system for all electrical functions
  • Modem option for remote support from Casa Herrera.  We can go on-line with the press via the Internet

Optional Maximizer Features

  • Adds up to 22% more through-put
  • Continuous flow for product into the oven, minimizing gaps between tortillas
  • Allows for extended dwell time in the oven and cooling conveyor
  • Requires 40 psi compressed air operation

Production Capacity (single drop):

  • 1,440 to1,1,760 Dz/H of 6" tortillas.
  • 810 to 990 Dz/H of 8" tortillas.
  • 450 to 550 Dz/H of 10" tortillas.
  • 360 to 440 Dz/H of 12" tortillas.

Production can be doubled using a double drop system.

** Maximizer needed to achive the higher capacity.

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