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maximizer Press Discharge

The maximizer press discharge is a double belt conveyor that transfers tortillas from the press to the oven, making out for the time lost between press strokes, filling the oven completely, with a simple up/down movent.

It allows an efficient use of energy, improves baking time, provides a continuous flow of product into the oven, and increases production capacity.

All of the above at a minimum component wear, compared to other oven infeed systems.

• Adds up to 22% more through outp.ut.

• Continuous flow for product into the oven, minimizing gaps between tortillas.

• Allows for extended dwell time in the oven and cooling conveyor.

• Requires 40 psi compressed air in operation.

• All stainless steel support frame, covers.

• Galvanized steel wire mesh with magnetic drive system.

• Neumatic system for up/down belt stroking.

• Automation Direct soft touch control system.

• Stand alone option for retrofit to old systems..

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