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MAGNA 305 Sheeter Head

Magna 305 Sheeter

The MAGNA305 Sheeter Head is designed for high production of corn tortillas and tortilla chips. This extra-wide unit sheets a broad range of masa moistures and easily handles decreased weight variances. 

The MAGNA305 Sheeter Head is available in A-Frame design to reduce frame deflection and counter top design.  All Sheeter Heads are customizable to your specific throughput needs.

Even with the thinnest product, the MAGNA305 assures excellent product appearance.  Up-to-date-engineering innovations enable the Marconi to Handle the most demanding production needs at low maintenace cost.


  • Heavy wall rollers to ensure consistent product thickness
  • Straight roller profile
  • Heavy wall "A" frame design to reduce frame deflection
  • Micro bevel (patented) for fine tune adjustment
  • Differential speed roller packages (no rear wire required)
  • Tounge and Groove hopper inserts (patented) to minimize leakage at sheeter head
  • Pneumatic tension for front wire
  • Pneumatic tension for cutter lift
  • AC Inverter speed control
  • Easy rear placement of cutter for use by single operator
  • Easy cutter replacement 
  • Mounted on stainless steel open frame
  • Auto roller gap control (optional)
  • PLC or Relay Logic controls




  • Carbon steel or stainless steel frame
  • Available in multiple widths and lengths
  • UL/ETL compliant


  • Between 2,500 and 5,000 lbs. per hour Corn Tortilla Chips
  • Between 4,000 and 8,000 doz. per hour Corn Tortillas


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